Empowering long & short term decision making
at regional, farm & vineyard level

Mean Temperature
Western Cape: 1984 - 2015
Min Temperature
Western Cape: 1984 - 2015
Max Temperature
Western Cape: 1984 - 2015
Predicted Mean Increase
Western Cape: 1984 - 2015
Introducing TerraClim

Analyse and mitigate climate change with TerraClim. TerraClim uses pioneering integrated data resources to give you access to detailed climate and terrain information that will help you navigate the increase in seasonal changes.

Explore Maps

Navigate to your area of interest to get pertinent information about your climate, terrain and bioclimate.

Analyse Fields

Engage with your information at field level to get to grips with how changes are happening in space and time.

Get Reports

Generate a field report containing your preselected variables to aid in long and short term decision making

Client Stories

With TerraClim having been built on years of research and scientific work carried out at the University of Stellenbosch, our clients have come to understand the value it provides.

Stay Informed

Is it all just doom and gloom? Stay up to date with the latest findings and media releases linked to TerraClim and climate change.

Meet the Team

The team behind the TerraClim product has been brought together by their passion for climate detail and eagerness to see the Western Cape's agricultural sector thrive.

Adriaan van Niekerk

Primary Researcher

Tara Southey

Primary Researcher, Project Leader

Garth Stephenson

Researcher, Project Manager

Theo Pauw

Researcher, Web Developer

Zani Mouton

Researcher, Web Developer

James Kapp

Researcher, Developer

Juan du Plessis

Researcher, Developer

Carla van Greunen


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