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Know where to grow.

"60% of global uncultivated land lies in Africa.

For us, as South Africa, there is a drive to understand what works where so that we can position ourselves as a leader on the continent to help leverage food security,” – Dr. Tara Southey, Founder TerraClim

Built on Extensive Research

Starting from ground zero, TerraClim has created a climate change hero

TerraClim, born from the University of Stellenbosch, transforms climate research into climate action.

In partnership, we’ve crafted a powerful climate database, delivering precise insights across microclimates.

Technology, data and agricultural expertise ensure sustainable land use and food security.

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The TerraClim Toolkit

Whether you make use of our centralised data packs, bespoke suitability tool or our new TerraClim WebApp, we offer cutting edge agri-tech offerings for emerging dynamic climate landscapes.

Terraclim Web App: fast, secure, precise

The TerraClim Terrain & Climate WebApp 3.0

Beta Testing WAiting list now open

Our groundbreaking agricultural tool combines precise climate data, geographic insights, and real-time weather updates that empowering farmers and producers to make informed decisions in an ever-changing world.

We’re excited to announce our official market launch in 2024, and you can be at the forefront.

Join our exclusive waiting list, and you could become one of our select 200 beta testers, securing a reduced rate forever. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the future of farming – sign up now for the TerraClim WebApp beta launch!

"Previously, you had one weather station representing a farm, or 10 weather stations representing a region, we now have a new temperature value every 40m that can help to quantify your environment at hourly resolution. In the Western Cape, no database of this nature exists."
Dr. Tara Southey
TerraClim Founder
State of the art Environmental Data Packs

Centralised 30+ Year Climate & Terrain Data Packs

Observe, monitor and gain advanced insights from our high resolution temperature and bioclimatic data with boutique data queries and bespoke analysis.

TerraClim's Bespoke Suitability Tool

Tailored Insights for Informed Planting & Growing

Whether you’re a farmer, researcher, or agribusiness, The TerraClim Suitability Tool empowers you to optimise yields and make data-driven decisions in an ever-changing climate.

Enhance your replanting decisions with TerraClim’s bespoke suitability tool. We utilise 40+ environmental variables to offer tailored insights for your specific area and crop type, ensuring data-driven precision and endless possibilities.

Groundbreaking Weather Data

Advanced data sets deliver concise and user friendly insights.

Bespoke Crop Suitability

Know what to plant, where and when to grow and what to expect.

Regenerative Strategies

Learn from the past to set sail for the future. Historic data can help to predict future patterns.

TerraClim Beta Testers Waiting List Now Open

Gain exclusive early access, behind-the-scenes development updates and secure your legacy rate. Accepting only 200 testers in 2024!

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Frequently Asked Questions

TerraClim is a comprehensive online platform designed for the agriculture industry, providing detailed climate and terrain data at farm and field levels. It’s a powerful tool to support informed decision-making.


TerraClim offers precise climate and environmental insights, helping you optimise planting, harvesting and resource management. This leads to increased productivity and more sustainable practices.

 Yes, TerraClim is accessible to farms of all sizes, from small-scale operations to large commercial enterprises. It can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

 TerraClim offers over 40 environmental variables, including rainfall, temperature and terrain information. This data empowers you with a deep understanding of your land.

As a TerraClim Beta Tester, you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive benefits. You’ll be among the first to experience our webapp and influence its development. Your feedback will directly impact the final product and you’ll have a unique opportunity to shape features according to your needs. Additionally, Beta Testers will enjoy a special reduced rate for life once the app launches, ensuring you get the best value and early access to powerful tools for your agricultural endeavors.

Qualifying is simple. We’re looking for passionate individuals in the agricultural industry who are excited to be part of our journey. If you’re committed to providing valuable feedback and actively participating in the Beta testing phase, you’re an ideal candidate. Just register your interest, and we’ll select 200 dedicated Beta Testers who will join us on this exciting adventure.

Yes, TerraClim’s suitability tool assists in choosing the best crops or cultivars for your specific site, ensuring you make data-driven planting decisions.

TerraClim equips you with tools to adapt long- and short-term strategies in response to climate change, making your farming practices more resilient and sustainable.

The TerraClim Beta Test is an exclusive program that allows a select group of users to get early access to our innovative web application. As a beta tester, you’ll have the opportunity to explore TerraClim’s features, provide feedback, and help us fine-tune our platform. Your valuable insights will play a crucial role in shaping the future of TerraClim and its offerings.

Join the TerraClim Beta Test to be at the forefront of cutting-edge climate and agriculture technology. Don’t miss your chance to make a positive impact and gain a deeper understanding of your farm’s environmental positioning.

Everything you need to know in one convenient place

Our goal is to illuminate the opportunities presented by inevitable change. Our robust and dynamic terrain indexing tool allows farmers, researchers, consultants and investors to engage with information that allow for more futuristic, optimistic and informed decision making.

High Resolution, Multi-Use Terrain Layers (2m Resolution)

Monthly, Daily and Hourly Automated Reports

Qualitative and Accurate data drawn from over 450 weather stations

Perhaps, instead of worry and concern about losing significant portions of productive land by 2050, through the use of technology like TerraClim, the industry can begin to consider threats as opportunities


Changes in processes are obviously required, and those that make smart decisions are those that will benefit


The unique assets of TerraClim – its insightful database, climate profile at an hourly resolution, and its valuable suitability tool – allow users to explore, analyse, and act.”


Our Clients

Together with leaders in the field, we're breaking new ground in agricultural technology.

Industry insights

What People Say
About Us

"For the industry this will be very valuable going forward - to plant the right varietals in the right regions, to make informed decisions, to take the industry to the next level..."
Stephan Joubert
Head Winemaker, DGB
"The benefit of the TerraClim tool is that it empowers not only producers, but also our research community to make better decisions on how to mitigate climate change..."
Gerard Martin
Executive Manager, South Africa Wine - WineTech
"[The] TerraClim tool is geared for decision making.
I have used it a few times when clients have purchased farms and I have done site inspections to do terrain analysis..."
Conrad Schutte
CEO, Vinpro

Meet The Team

Climate Resilience. Food Security. Data driven Solutions

This is what makes the vibrant TerraClim team tick. More than 20 years of research and development, implementation and integration have brought us closer to our groundbreaking goals than ever before. 

Dr. Tara Southey

Primary Researcher (15+ Years), Founder

Prof. Adriaan van Niekerk

Primary Researcher (25+ years), Co-Founder

Garth Stephenson

Researcher (15+ Years), Project Manager

Theo Pauw

Geospatial & Data Scientist, Web Developer

Juan du Plessis

Geospatial & Data Scientist

James Kapp

Geospatial & Data Scientist

Caley Higgs

Geospatial & Data Scientist

Mila Toth

Geospatial & Data Scientist

Sean Chater

Geospatial & Data Scientist

TerraClim News, Updates & More

Here we share our news, features, updates and articles. Check in for interesting development updates and valuable climate insights.

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No Room to Hide: Climate Change in the Cape Winelands

A documentary produced by Food For Mzansi: The Cape Winelands is facing an existential threat from shifting weather conditions that create an uncertain future for some of the Southern Hemisphere’s leading wine areas.

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Dr. Tara Southey vertel vir Martelize Brink van klimaatsverandering en hoe dit vir landboudoeleindes gemonitor word. Soos uitgesaai op DrieSestig. Maandag tot Vrydag 13:00 - 14:45.

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TerraClim provides information and insights based on models and data. Results may vary due to individual conditions and practices. For critical financial, risk management and farming decisions, consult agronomists, commodities brokers or other qualified professionals.

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